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The Booth Brother's 'Children of the Grave II' a paranormal documentary review - National Indie Movie | Examiner by Terra King.This film is a follow-up to the very popular "Children of the Grave," the documentary about the spirits of children who can't move on.Twin filmmakers, Christopher Saint Booth and Philip Adrian Booth, have made a career of filming paranormal docs. Between the two brothers, they do pretty much all of the work on the films and also appear on camera, which is pretty amazing. They roam the halls of long closed hospitals and almshouses, some of which are literally falling apart, looking for evidence. The history of these horrible places is told via re-enactments and photos. Peppered in are interviews with members of paranormal groups, sensitives and the owners of haunted properties. It is the history of the places investigated that really sets Christopher and Philip apart from other filmmakers. Fancy isn't their style, it's all about the history and the EVPs asking for 'help.' There is also a photo captured here and there of a spirit that gives the viewer a small window into real paranormal events. Dark and often disturbing, this documentary shows the hopelessness of trapped children.
This new film, "Children of the Grave II," the brothers investigate the Ashmore Estates, Lemp Mansion, Death Alley and the Gore Orphanage. These are creepy places where the echoes of a horrible past can still be heard throughout. EVPs caught ask for 'help' and call for 'mommy.' Captured on film are shadow people pacing back and forth in a dark hallway.
The property owners can fill in some history of their buildings and even reveal some ghost stories. But, it's the sensitives and investigators, such as Louisville, Ky investigator Keith Age, who fill in a lot of information no one can tell, but the ones who can see what the rest of us can't.Each location is walked through with this cast of investigators, evidence is obtained and discussed. The sweetness of the brother's spirits is one of the reasons these films work so well, they care about the spirits. It's not about the flash and crash of outrageous gorilla investigating. It's about giving the voiceless a forum to speak their peace.The cast of investigators and sensitives are: Keith Age Betsy Bellanger Rick Hayes Tiffany Smith Johnson Dakota Lawrence Michael Lynch Scotty Rorek Juli Velazquez At the time of this writing, the news came that Christopher and Philip are not only good filmmakers, they are award-winning filmmakers. Congratulations on winning, Best Film and Best Cinematography at Nashville's "Full Moon Horror Film Festival." This award is for "The Haunted Boy-The Secret Diary of the Exorcist." Continue reading on Examiner.com The Booth Brother's 'Children of the Grave II' a paranormal documentary review - National Indie Movie | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/review/the-booth-brother-s-children-of-the-grave-ii-a-paranormal-documentary-review?cid=db_articles#ixzz1sazWOY40


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